Judy & Bernie

- Well, Judy, what a day!..

- Yes Bernie, you can certainly say that again.

- Well, Judy, what a day.

- I apologize Bernie. I didn't mean that literally.

- And let me apologize to you then, for not grasping your intention there.

- Don't mention it, Bernie.

- You know Judy, sometimes I think of how privileged we are to do this work. To be able to have a close-up view of events like these, which I guess you can say are. . . history in the making.

- How well put Bernie, it ís a fascinating story, and it's getting more fascinating almost by the hour.

- Indeed it is Judy. If only you think of all the wonderful words we get to say. The lawyers are wrestling with this quandary of unprecedented complexity, wrangling in a quagmire, riddled with caveats and a butterfly ballot too. If it wasn't journalism you'd think it was poetry. Judy?

- And all those different types of chads! Hanging, dangling, dimpled, bulging, pregnant. It could have been a line from My Favorite Things. 'Hánging and dángling and búlging and prégnant. . .', sing along, Bernie.

- As indeed I might, if I were a lunatic, Judy. Let's bring in our legal analyst now, Greta van Susteren, who is standing by outside the Tallahassee courthouse. Greta, after another day of highvoluting legal proceedings let me ask you, Greta, all that hair, is that real?

- Yes Bernie, that hair ís real, both in a biological ánd a legal sense. Juny, Berdie?

- Thank you Greta, you're doing a wonderful job explaining all these complicated matters for us, so please, hang in there. . .

- Way to go, Greta. Kick 'em in the yaya's.

- I'll keep that in mind. Jerdy, Bunie?

- Thank you for being with us, Greta van Susteren.

- Thank you for having me.

- Always a pleasure.

- Likewise. Thank you.

- You're more than welcome.

- We appreciate it.

- Bernie?

- Thank you Judy. Now tell me Judy, since we're on the subject, your favorite word related to this unique and incredible story, what would that be?

- Well Bernie, that would have to be to impugn, to disagree, to argue against. This decision is likely to be im-pjoend. Oh, I lóve that word, just saying it makes me all warm and squishy all over. And even more when you say it, Bernie.

- Impjoend.

- Oh my God! Please stop before I go crazy.

- As indeed you might, Judy. As indeed you might.

- Remember with the Diana-story, when we had to say poignant all the time?

- Yes, I seem to recollect that word provoking a similar, somewhat rambunctious reaction on your part, Judy.

- You can say that again, Bernie.

- I seem to recollect that. . .

- Oh stop it, just say it.

- I don't know Judy. Perhaps it's best if we move on and. . .

- Please?

- Oh alright then. Poignant.

- Oooo! Lord, it's like warm honey, dripping down your back!

- Thank you Judy. Now let's bring in our Washington correspondent Candy Crowley, who is standing by outside the White House. Candy, tell us, does your neck hurt?

- Yes indeed it does. Judy, Bernie.

- And why would that be, Candy?

- It's because I always stand sideways. Judy, Bernie.

- And please explain to us, Candy, why is that?

- If I stand straight, I don't fit on the screen. Judy, Bernie.

- And why would that be, Candy?

- It's because I'm too fat. Judie, Bernie.

- As indeed you are Candy, as indeed you are. Thank you Candy, Candy Crowley, our Washington-correspondent. Judy?

- Now Bernie, tell us what yóur favorite word would be, associated with this amazing episode.

- Well, I shall tell you Judy, as indeed I will. The word I've most enjoyed over the past few weeks as this epic unfolded, is imbroglio .

- Oh yes! I mean no, please don't.

- I found it in my word processor, as a synonym for chaotic situation, and ever since I've used it with both gratitude and satisfaction. Imbroglio. Doesn't that just sound great?

- Oooooo!

- Immm-broglioooo.

- Bérnie, stop it!

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