87: Mart. Warmerdam - Blue Valentine

Valentine: Valentine [vaelantain] Valentijn; St.-'s Day 14 februari; valentine liefje o of minnaar op 14 februari gekozen; minnebriefje o op 14 februari gezonden..


She send me blue valentines

to remind me of my cardinal sin

I can never wash the guilt

or get these bloodstaines off my hands

And it takes alot of whiskey

to make these nightmares go away

And I cut my bleeding heart out every nite

And I die a little more on each

St. Valentines day

Remember that I promised

I would write you

These blue valentines ...

Tom Waits, Blue Valentine HAVE A LITTLE FAITH IN ME

When the road gets dark

And you can no longer see

Just let my love grow a spark

Have a little faith in me

I've been loving you for such a long time

Expecting nothing in return

You see time is our friend

Cause there is no end

I will hold you up

Your love gives me strength enough

All you gotta do for me

Is have a little faith in me

John Hiatt, Bring the family


Oh cherry oh cherry oh baby

Don't you know I'm in love with you

If you don't believe I do

Then why don't you try me

I'm never gonna to let you down

Never make you wear no frown

If you say you love me madly

Then I will receive you gladly

Jagger/Richards, Black and Blue


Everyday I have the blues

Everyday I have the blues

When you see me worry

Oh it's you I hate to lose

Nobody loves me Nobody see

Nobody seems to care

Well you're talkin' about bad lovin'

You know I really had my share

Everyday I have the blues

Everyday I have the blues

When you see me worry

You know it's you I hate to lose

Luther Johnson, Born in Georgia

(orig. P. Chatman)


You're my funny valentine,

Sweet comic valentine,

You make me smile with my heart.

Your looks are laughable,


Yet, you're my favorite work of art.

Is your figure less than Greek?

Is your mouth a little weak?

When you open it to speak, are you smart?

But, don't change a hair for me.

Not if you care for me.

Stay little valentine, stay!

Each day is Valentine's Day

Dakota Staton, The late, late show

(orig. Rodgers/Hart)


Never win and never lose

There's nothing much to choose

Between the right and wrong

Nothing lost and nothing gained

Still things aren't quite the same

Between you and me

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine

I still hear your voice at night

When I turn out the light

And try to settle down

But there's nothing much I can do

Because I can't live without you

Any way at all I keep a close watch on this heart of mine

John Cale, Music tor a New Society


I've got a blue motel room

With a blue bedspread

I've got the blues inside and outside

my head

Will you still love me

When I call you up when I'm down

It's funny how these old feelings

hang around

You think they're gone

No, no

They just go underground

Will you still love me

When I get back to town

Joni Mitchell, Hejira


Du sagtest viel, Johnny

Kein Wort war wahr, Johnny

Du hast mich betrogen, Johnny

Zur ersten Stund

Ich hasse dich so, Johnny

Wie du da stehst und grinst, Johnny

Nimm doch die Pfeiffe aus dem Maul,

du Hund

Surabaya-Johnny, warum bist du so roh?

Surabaya-Johnny, mein Gott,

und ich liebe dich so

Surabaya-Johnny, warum bin ich nicht froh?

Du hast kein Herz, Johnny

und Ich liebe dich so

Lotte Lenya, Lotte Lenya singt Kurt Weill


Well maybe I'm just too young

To keep good love from going wrong

Oh... lover, you should've come over

'Cause it's not too late

Well I feel too young to hold on

And I'm much too old to break free and run

Too deaf, dumb, and blind to see the damage

I've done

Sweet lover, you should've come over

Oh, love well I'm waiting for you

Lover, you should've come over

'Cause it's not too late

Jeff Buckley, Grace


Je veux de l'amour, je veux de l'amour

Waar ik ga, waar ik sta, voor ik sterf,

voor 'k verga

Je veux de l'amour

Je veux de I'amour

Nu, niet seffes, niet direct, niet sebiet

Niet weldra

Maar nu

Maintenant, tout de suite, heute, godverdomme

Je veux de I'amour

En ook geld, geld

Om kadootjes te kopen en aan iedereen te geven

Opdat ze zouden van me houden

Raymond van het Groenewoud, Leven en liefdes

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