Why the Naiads Dance

"It is another silver and pink day in the magic river".

Ann Paris-Gerrity

"It is another silver and pink day in the magic river".
How could any little girl resist a story that begins like this? Forgive me for sticking with traditional gender norms, but this book simply brims with 'sugar and spice and all things nice' and would be a truly wonderful addition to any little girl's bookshelf. It is just so delightfully, well, pink! The story is magical, the characters are enchanting and colourful, and the illustrations both charm and captivate
Why the Naiads Dance is the first book in The Naiad Legends trilogy. In Greek mythology, Naiads were water nymphs that presided over fountains, springs and streams. In this delightful tale, they ride up fountains leaving trails of "rosy pink sparkles" in their wake. Richly adorned with beautiful and intricate illustrations, it tells the story of Scarlett, a spirited young wish-sprite who dances and plays with her little sister Rosy in a timeless river. Scarlett is not supposed to ask questions, but she is as curious as any child, and yearns to know why the colours around her are always changing, "Why can't we have pink all the time?" she asks. Her curiosity leads her on a voyage of discovery down the magic river and beyond the mountain to the Source, a place of ice and fire where she hopes to seek the wisdom of the ancient ones. But despite this enchanting world of make-believe, the messages running through the story are real and meaningful, and include universal themes such as loving your fellow creatures, man's quest for peace and happiness, the beauty of nature and the importance of companionship, understanding and optimism.
The author's use of language creates a tapestry so rich in detail that the story seems to live and breathe, leaving the reader spellbound. She describes the splendour of skies that are "tinted with frills of red and dusky orange", sadness that hangs "like a black, oily cloud", and ice mountains with faces that "shine silvery blue" and feet that "glow pink and gold from the fires below".
If a beautifully written and illustrated book with a powerful yet subtle message is what you are looking for, then look no further. Saga-Whyte is more than just a gifted storyteller; she can write, draw, captivate, and most of all enchant. Her book might not quite have you believing in magic; it will, however, make you believe in the power of life itself.

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