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The Immaculate Conception

Tjeerd Posthuma
null Beeld Studio Cheered
Beeld Studio Cheered

Materials: mattress, bucket with paint (white)

The Immaculate Conception is a ­Catholic dogma that states Mary, mother of Jesus, was born free of original sin because Jesus would die for all sins, wherever whenever. I never really bought the concept, but the idea of forgiving someone before they even did anything inspired me. Here we see a mattress with a bucket of white paint on it. Mattresses symbolize the most intimate moments of life: sex and death, sickness and recovery, et cetera. All these moments leave stains from sweat, blood and tears, expelled by the body as sacrifices. The bucket of paint suggests you can wash them away. Or can you merely cover them up? In The ­Netherlands most people think the work is about Mark Rutte. In Beijing they think it is too confronting.

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