studio cheeredsatire


Materials: tubes (red)

null Beeld Tjeerd Posthuma
Beeld Tjeerd Posthuma

Sometimes I feel melancholic when I realize how much emotional meaning I can read in my own work, wondering what kind of miracle boy is hiding in here. Here we see a meditative exercise of spielerei that hypnotizes and brings peace to the puzzling mind. RUNNING IN CIRCLES is a work about the ‘self’ that is running in circles around the ‘ego’. But there is nothing inside the circles, the ego is missing. This expresses a fundamental crisis in my artistic career: who am I really? When I saw RUNNING IN CIRCLES located at the garden of the Rijksmuseum, I finally got my answer. I might be a melancholic drunk hiding behind my art, but right there with him sits a toddler who deserves to be loved. They are both loaded with money.

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