Raw food als levenskunst

Fantastich Receptenboek

As the author of a raw food book myself, I have about 20 raw food recipe books, and didn't think I could see anything new. Yet, this book surprised me with several original creative recipes that are like nothing I had seen before, including BBQ vegetables (and all sorts of ways to marinate veggies), zucchini flax wraps, and finally a raw recipe for tamales, my favorite Mexican dish!

Besides the recipes, the best part are the stunning colored photos of the dishes, sure to tempt the laziest of nonchefs into fixing the food, and to convert the most stubborn cooked foodists! Colored photos (and its thick paper) add a lot to the cost of producing a book, which makes this book quite a bargain as it is generous in mouth-watering snapshots of ultra-gourmet raw dishes. These dishes look even more attractive than the "real" version of their cooked food counterparts.

But there is more to the book than recipes. The introduction includes a bit of "why raw?"as well as an essay on the physical, mental, spiritual and ecological benefits of eating raw. There are warnings (such as dental issues from overeating), a list of kitchen tools and food staples to stock up on, and a 5-day sample menu. There are also tidbits of information peppered throughout the book, such as a superfood guide, a list of the variety of greens, and an info-page at the start of each chapter.

The recipes include drinks, salads, marinated vegetables, appetizers, sauces, spreads, breads, entrees, and desserts. Some are simple and fast, while some dishes involve 2 or 3 recipes (for example, a burrito that includes a nut cheese recipe, a sauce recipe and a sour cream recipe).

Now excuse me while I go to the local food co-op and purchase the ingredients to make curry vegetables, raspberry cheesecake, and coconut wraps!

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