Studio Cheeredsatire

In The Ground Swell

Tjeerd Posthuma

Material: concrete barriers (BX barriers)

In The Ground Swell Beeld Tjeerd Posthuma
In The Ground SwellBeeld Tjeerd Posthuma

In Dutch we use the word ‘achteloos’. It describes the state of mind of doing something without being very aware of what you are doing. ‘Achteloos’ is the way the sea washes up things on the shore or takes things back in its currents. Sometimes something in life just ‘washes up’ for you to deal with and other times people seem to be taken back in the current just as suddenly. I wanted to depict this phenomenon.

Two concrete barriers, generally used to guide traffic, look like they were carelessly dropped there. I like the heaviness of the material. The piece is located close to the Saint Anthony Hospital in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn. When I see it I try to focus on the happy things that wash up.

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