Bericht van het transitieteamPolariseren

Het Transitieteam vindt dat we nu meteen moeten polariseren

Wekelijks geeft Micha Wertheim op deze plek berichten van het Transitieteam door aan de bezoekers van de Volkskrantwebsite.

Micha Wertheim

Polarization Now! is an initiative by The American Association for Transition. Polarization Now! believes that the desire for polarization is the only thing that can unite a divided country. Whatever problems we may face, the wish for polarization is the only thing we have in common. That is why Polarization Now! will work together with all opposing parties, no matter what our political, ideological of religious differences may be, to ensure that we heal and come together by embracing our mutual distaste of each other.

Those who do not wish to polarize, who are willing to engage with other parties and refuse to draw lines in the sand are not just part of the problem, they are the problem.

‘Either you are with us or you are against us.’

It is time we come together and work towards a totally divided country. Only our common desire for Polarization Now! can heal who we are as a nation. There can be no unity without division. The alternative is a stalemate of acceptance that leaves us weak and compromised.

In order to polarize all discussion should and shall take place on social media. Arguments longer than 280 characters cannot be part of any discussion. Education is achieved by retweeting and liking those we agree with while blocking and ridiculing all the rest.

Those who think they are allowed to make light of Polarization Now! must be treated as suspect, morally flawed and dangerous. Those who refuse to go along with us, must be silenced. They are a threath to a moral, just and totally divided society. Don’t strategize, moralize! Don’t contemplate, infuriate. Don’t listen, speak.

The American Association for Transition has based its findings on the Divided States of America. But we van de Dutch Transitionteam are convinced that the Polarization Now! playbook should be letterlijk overgenomen worden in Nederland. Ook al zijn er nogal what verschillen tussen bij de landen, we vinden that we must net als met music gewoon hun nadoen. The American Association for Transition heeft gewoon meer famous people en viral video’s than hier in Netherland.

As long as we address our problems in a foreign language, we don’t have to face who we are as a nation. That is why the language, ideology, terminology and history of Polarization Now! must be appropriated by all.

It is time we come together through Polarization Now!

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