Studio CheeredSatire


Material: cloth

Tjeerd Posthuma
null Beeld Tjeerd Posthuma
Beeld Tjeerd Posthuma

Joie de vivre seems rare in my oeuvre, but it’s always there. Look at the blue cloth with its festive colour somewhere between indigo and purple. The other cloth contains a wide range of colours, from light yellow to gold, thanks to the material and how it was folded. My manager says he reads EMPTINESS AND STILLNESS as a postmodern, deconstructed image of the remains of a hot summer night. My manager and I go way back and we have overcome a lot together. To me it is a hot, steaming cup of tea on the quiet morning after a night of fighting. This is freedom. I wanted to recreate that cup of tea and add lightness to it, some joie de vivre. I hope it is comforting.

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