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Beginnings and Resolutions

Materials: plastic, foam

Tjeerd Posthuma
Beginnings and Resolutions Beeld Tjeerd Posthuma
Beginnings and ResolutionsBeeld Tjeerd Posthuma

Snakes shed their highly keratinized skins when the scales are so hardened that they stand in the way of growth. I think of this as an inspiring metaphor for us humans: the dogmatic ideas, the hardened feelings, the ingrained habits, we can leave them all behind as long as we dare to be vulnerable. Here we see my depiction of a snake. I like how the sunlight seems to get ‘stuck’ in the plastic. In the dirty yellow of the old foam you can see the tired softness of the material.

Can a person really change? I think this work is optimistic, but some call it naive. In Canada the work was mistaken for a depiction of bowel movement. I’m fine with that, as long as they get that it is about leaving something behind.

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