Advising on research methods

Advising on research methods: A consultant's companion

This is an interesting, useful, and somewhat unusual book.
In its narrowest use, the book can serve as a text for teaching an
advanced untergraduate or graduate course in statistical consulting,
in which the point of view is that of someone advising the consultant.
It is a text that I would consider using the next time I teach
statistical consulting, even though I typically focus mostly on
Because statistical consulting courses are typically taught with a
focus on practice, this book might supplement hands-on work, with
the proviso that students would use standard methods texts for
technical details (a suggestion offered by the authors).
I am fond of the book's opening sentence reminding the reader that
a consultant should be ''available, affable, and able,'' in
decreasing order of importance.
The authors have produced a useful book that someone in the early
stages of a consulting career should find especially helpful and
easy to use.

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