Studio CheeredSatire

3 CONCRETE BLOCK (reproduction of reconstructions)

Material: concrete

Studio Cheered Beeld Tjeerd Posthuma
Studio CheeredBeeld Tjeerd Posthuma

This concrete block measuring three meters in height is a reconstruction of a work that I created in the nineties, my personal decade of minimalism. In minimal art it is important to cut through (public) space with an object. The original was located at the front door of a gallery that refused to exhibit my work. A reconstruction of this piece was located at the front door of a mecenas who was reconsidering my bursary. It was my way of sending a ‘thank you for everything’ postcard. All in all this work created a lot of controversy and many times the police and the court of law got involved.

For me, the work has never been about who is right and who is wrong. The work simply says ‘Here I am’.

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