Studio CheeredSatire


Materials: ski-lift

Tjeerd Posthuma
Studio Cheered Beeld Tjeerd Posthuma
Studio CheeredBeeld Tjeerd Posthuma

When I was young, my family and I used to fly a couple of times a year for vacations. I loved our skiing trips the most. But those days will never come back. Here we see a rusty old ski-lift on the mountain Carn Mor Dearg in Scotland depicting the idea that you cannot turn back time. During the production of this installation, I did fly back and forth between Scotland and London many times. That took me back to those happy memories.

So close to the climate conference in Glasgow, scholars think the work speaks about climate change. To them ‘it has a certain desperation to it’ (The Guardian). Somehow everything is about desperation and guilt these days. I don’t mind: go on and feel desperate, people! As long as you pay me for it.

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