Maltese PM Muscat: 'I'm starting to believe Brexit won't actually happen'

Joseph Muscat (43) looks back on 6 months of EU presidency

It was his greatest fear. The fear that Malta - an island with a little more than 400 thousand inhabitants - would not be taken seriously as president of the EU. 'I've seen other small member states suffering from this prejudice: 'It's all well and good that you're holding the gavel, but we'll do the work.' I took this as a deeply rooted distrust of new member states. But I didn't notice any of that.'

Malta's prime minister Joseph Muscat looks relieved. 'There is life after the EU presidency', he assures us. 'Or rather: one comes back to life.' Shirts sleeved with black suspenders, Muscat (43) looks back on the past six months, in which his island ran the EU, with satisfaction.